In late September 2018 the first pallets of Garden beers arrived in AUS thanks to Johnny at his team at ExperienceIT; 16 different beers (list below) cold-chained from Zagreb via Italy and a few kms of sea.

Just as our crazy busy Croatian Summer of music festivals and a World Cup Final was ending the lovely Josh and Dimitra at Mr West Bar & Bottleshop in Melbourne were helping us launch in VIC via a 13 beer TTO. The first illustration of how super-knowledgable and passionate a nation of craft beer lovers you guys are; wanting to go beyond the tasting notes to the ingredients, processes….

Next was Canberra at The George Harcourt Inn ( a cracking venue and the host of an annual Untappd event ( Thanks a ton to the local Croatian community for coming out in force to support us at this one. We’d love to serve  our beers to all 200,000 of the Croatian diaspora throughout AUS so help us spread the word 🙂

The final stop was Sydney: the Cutty Cellars 2018 Craftoberfest alongside Amundsen, Garage Project, To Øl, Sierra Nevada… another one that illustrated the cracking feedback on our beers, especially Milkshake IPA, and alongside some top breweries too.

As we prepare the next shipment it’s great to know our beers are going down so well over there. The feedback on Untappd, Instagram… and via email has been massively appreciated so a big thanks to ExperienceIT and all the bars and bottleshops that support us from Perth to Tasmania, some of which include Beermash in Collingwood, Whitehart in Melbourne, Brewski in Brisbane, Mr West in Melbourne, The George Harcourt Inn in Canberra, Cutty Cellars in Sydney, Copper & Oak and Mane Liquor in Perth, Plonk in Canberra… More beer – including some brand new specials – will be with you in a few weeks and if any of you guys make it over to Croatia come say hello, have a brewery tour and see you in the taproom for a beer. As the first snow starts here enjoy the sun x

Let’s end this post with this beautiful email from Matt…


My name is Matt, i live in Tasmania, Australia.

I recently bought your Milkshake Ipa in a bottleshop in Tasmania and i think this is easily the best beer i have ever drunk, i went back immediately and bought a carton.

I am now obsessed with this beer but i cannot get it here anymore.

I am a keen home-brewer and was wondering if you would share your recipe for me to keep enjoying this beer and hopefully i could get close to the taste from your brewery.

If you would not like to share the process and tips would be much appreciated.

I have also sought out your other beers and have loved all of them.

keep up the great work!!!

AUS Beer List

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