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Cold IPA #02 Price: 22.99 kn

New England Pale Ale #08 Drop Project Collab Price: 22.99 kn

Hazy IPA Hop Showcase #10 Price: 22.99 kn

Hazy IPA #11 Price: 22.99 kn

Hazy DIPA #09 Price: 23.99 kn

Double Imperial Affogato Stout Price: 23.99 kn

Imperial Hazelnut & Coffee Stout Price: 23.99 kn

Imperial Almond & Coffee Stout Price: 23.99 kn

Imperial Flat White Coffee Porter Price: 23.99 kn

Imperial Black Forest Gateau Stout Price: 23.99 kn


Imperial Banoffee Pie Stout Price: 23.99 kn

Sour Price: 22.99 kn

Imperial Mandarin & Lemon Gose Price: 22.99 kn

Imperial Peach, Ginger & Vanilla Sour Price: 22.99 kn

Passion Fruit, Peach & Pineapple Sour Price: 22.99 kn

Imperial Strawberry, Apricot & Lemon Sour Price: 22.99 kn

Imperial Blueberry, Orange Peel & Cacao Sour Price: 22.99 kn

The Garden Brewery can of non-alcoholic DDH IPA brewed in collab with Coast. Cream label with watercoloured yellow and orange dots and blue diagonal curved lines.

DDH IPA 0% ABV – Brulo Collab Price: 15.99 kn

Pale Ale Price: 12.99 kn

India Pale Ale Price: 14.99 kn

India Pale Ale Box Price: 339.00 kn

The Garden brewery India Pale Ale craft beer can with purple Velebit national park artwork on the label.

Stout Price: 12.99 kn

Stout Box Price: 299.00 kn

The Garden Brewery Milkshake IPA beer cans with blue, white and pink-oragne watercolour artwork.

Milkshake IPA Price: 15.99 kn

Milkshake IPA Box Price: 379.00 kn

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