There’s controversy about how many people have celiac disease but for those who do it’s no joke: an autoimmune disorder where ingestion of gluten causes antibodies to attack the small intestine with debilitating results. Celiacs need a gluten-free diet. For beer-lovers like us the thought of a beer-free existence is bleak. Celiacs have enough to deal without that so if they want a beer we’re happy to help. ‘Cheers!’ or as they say in Norway where this specially brewed batch is off to Skål!

If you’re avoiding gluten for any other health reasons come and join in too.

This IPA dumps the Gluten (certified at less than 3ppm versus the limit of 20ppm) but not the flavour – punching like a classic IPA: full-bodied, juicy, piney and resinous at 6.7% and 69 IBU.

This batch is available from our Norwegian partner: Anders at EMA Import:

It’s lovely and we really should make some more: if you want some get in touch email to [email protected]

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