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Set in the ancient Croatian city, just 2 minutes from the Sea organ, The Garden Lounge is a unique addition to its culture. Settled on the Dalmatian coastline, the open terrace bar faces relaxing views of Zadar’s city walls and harbour while sunrays dance across the waves of the surrounding Adriatic Sea.

Enjoy the magical atmosphere – whether it’s reclining on a 30m seating wave littered with day beds overlooking the sea or nesting on comfortable sofas beneath the sunshine, under the shade or a constellation of stars. Music has access to all areas with the individually zoned sound system, which ensures quality sound and the ability to control the volume in each separate zone. Night time introduces a handpicked selection of the perfect DJs to help you relax with a sunset cocktail. This is the place that lives throughout the whole day, from the morning until the evening.

The restaurant offers a selection of local wines and crafted beers as well as fresh juices and cocktails. The menu introduces the Art of Raw, the only vegan and raw food restaurant in the whole region.

Where are we? Bedemi zadarskih pobuna BB - Zadar

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