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Packaging Manager

Now 5-years old The Garden Brewery is expanding its site after rapid growth. We make a wide range of beers, from classic core styles to over 170 specials to date. These are distributed widely within Croatia and exported to 30+ nations globally; across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Having completed our move to a beautiful new facility complete with glass atrium taproom and huge garden in Zagreb, Croatia, we have big plans to be one of Europe’s very best breweries and new brewing projects are underway related to product innovation and sustainability. To deliver this we’re expanding our production team.

We are looking to add a full time Packaging Manager to develop and manage our small and large pack operations.  This role requires strong communication skills and a teamwork-based approach to daily operations and deep knowledge of all aspects of the packaging process.

The packaging manager will lead a small team of packers working on both our dual linear canning line and kegging line over a four day on, three day off shift schedule.  An open, solution-oriented mind and positive attitude are a must as our diverse set of products and processes are ever changing. The role is hands-on and operational with time set aside for administrative and developmental duties.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the fulfilment of a weekly schedule and development of longer term planning in collaboration with head brewer.
  • Management of a team of packers working over a seven day rotating shift pattern.
  • Maximising packaging and workflow efficiencies.
  • Constant monitoring of key quality indicators and CCPs throughout the packaging  process.
  • Lead departmental process improvement, support SOP and process development, develop individual product SOPs
  • Ensure thorough training of all packers per the SOPs and established best practices.
  • Daily operation of a dual linear canning line and kegging line.
  • Organisation of recycling streams of packaging waste products.
  • Brewery packaging material management and stock taking.
  • Clear and steady communication between head brewer, packers, and cellar department.
  • Basic facilities maintenance.
  • Comprehensive record keeping of packaging activities.
  • Representation of brewery at industry events.

The ideal candidate would display the following qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Basic lab skills.
  • High attention to detail as regards quantitative and qualitative data across a wide range of beer styles.
  • Time management and responsible delegation of tasks within a team.
  • Patience, a cool head, and the ability to adapt to a quickly changing situation.
  • Willingness to build on previous brewery experience through formal education/training and workplace projects.
  • A passion for constant improvement and development of beer quality.
  • Command of spoken and written English.


  • A degree from a professional brewing education program or related field is preferred.
  • At least three years previous experience working in a brewery.
  • Demonstrated track record of success in prior positions
  • Fork lift license.
  • Permission to work within the EU.

Salary based upon qualifications and experience. To be considered for this role, please email [email protected] with your CV and references. Application deadline closes Friday 15th July.

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