Made in Croatia

The engine of our brewery is a custom-designed, locally produced, steam powered 20HL brewhouse: a 3-piece system consisting of a combined mash tun/lauter, kettle and whirlpool. Our ability to ‘blend-at-site’ allows us to brew 3 times in 14 hours. Engineered in flexibility means we can brew a wide range of styles, and kettle sour – a unique, refreshing style that’s increasing in popularity globally.

We have six 4000L Uni-tanks, three 8000L Uni-tanks, and one 16000 L tank again custom-designed for faster dry hopping, ergonomic packaging and infusion additions.  This is complemented by smaller tanks for specials and test brews. Current brewery capacity is 0,5 million L, with a plan to extend it to  0.75 million L in the next couple of months.

An in-house lab ensures we consistently test key variables.

We believe less is more, we keep things natural and fresh, we don’t filter or pasteurise (it’s unnecessary and just removes flavour and aroma). We use environmentally friendly kegs and fully recyclable cans.