Dance under the stars

The legendary outdoor nightclub Barbarella’s Discotheque is the place to continue the party, giving all revellers the unique opportunity to dance under the stars until the sun comes up.

It was our dream to provide a space for everyone to dance under the stars until dawn, and we made it happen with Barbarella’s discotheque. The universal response from all festival goers to this magical outdoor venue has been breath-taking and has assured its place in the clubbing history books. Night after night some of the world’s finest DJs provide the current and eclectic soundtracks.

Barbarella's is located on the sea front and is just a short bus or taxi ride away from The Garden Resort. The Barbarella’s bus is scheduled every night to ensure you can easily get from the The Garden Resort to Barbarella’s and back.

Where are we? Uvala Prosika - Pirovac

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